Haiget's Restaurant & Catering started with the belief that our delicious food should be shared. Haiget is one of eleven children. Her family has enjoyed her food since she began learning how to cook from her mother at the age of 7. Her husbund Jonah, her family and friends encouraged her to share her talent for cooking with others, thus, Haiget's catering services was born. The catering business led to haiget's restaurant. Haiget's kitchen is a colorful and flavorful fusion of Ethiopian and Kenyan cuisine that she prepares with passion.


"When I started cooking from the Kitchen of my home, I never imagined it would lead me to where I am today. Obedient to the demands for healthy, flavorful,convenient and even vegetarian-friendly foods.I ventured into this business from a remarkable response that led to Haiget's!" - Haiget Yosef.

One of the unique thing about Ethiopia food is that it is still served as it was many centuries ago. The primary features of the cusine is the spicy meat,grain stews, referred as wot in Amharic, and plenty of vegetables. These stews and vegetables are served on flat sourdough bread called injera. The sice and bread combine to make a delicious flavor experience unique to Ethiopian cusine. This cusine has something everyone will love. we cater to meat lovers,vegetarians, vegans,and even those who don't like too much spice.
Although Kenya cuisine has some Western influence, it has still kept it's traditional preparation methods. The way a native Kenyan would enjoy a meal each day is to prepare each plate with equal portions of meat,vegetables, and carbohydrates. To cater to this we have dishes such as pilau masala(rice), beef stew, and many vegetable options. We also serve fish and chips,authentic Kenyan sausages,and our fusion of Kenyan and American cuisine called chapati wraps. All these dishes are prepared with various authentic Kenyan spices